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With its five fragmented solpans always in motion, aciluce will fall apart should its tromakinetic core run out of energy. Spacebloom equivalent of the neurotic coffee drinker.


Five concentric semi-circular solpans, each made up of 12 independently rotating segments, are set around a tromakinetic core. Four thin semi-rings, called econs, rotate between the solpans. Solpan segments rotate at different speeds, breaking temporarily into individual or group positions; occasionally they rotate at the same speed, appearing as a single solpan. Starting with the central one, the solpans are called monoctor, dictor, trictor, tetractor and pentactor. The trictor has a crown of a variable number of radial strings, each consisting of eight bakapontos, some of which are joined together to form a bakatraco, which is always white. Bakapontos are either white or steel blue. The baka-ponto crown always rotates in the opposite direction of the trictor’s segments. The colour and surface pattern of aciluce changes depending on its density without affecting its taste.

habitat + formations

Light-filled deep space. Disintegrates on entry to cynmiklae unless approfixed. Flymation: chimney worm. Flomation: auhasard, diformae, polyla fields.


Completely edible. Solpans are made from the tasty BB wafer, a weaved carbohydrate with embedded vitamins and minerals and coated with etep. The bakapontos and bakatracos contain nohlavabolium, an antidote for the common headache. Econs release a pleasant ocean air aroma in oxrioas.

omin dataset

Jolla-Galvin F (bakaponto) and M (bakatraco)


Onano Athenaeum. Extensive resource devoted to pleasure-giving nanobots and self-propelled sexuality.

defence + hazards

No built-in defences. However, significant danger comes from the existence of an impostor strain. Allegedly built and released by Healthy Baby Food Corporation as a hook for its line of fropiofood, the impostor is almost identical but contains several addictive substances. The only visible difference is that the impostor’s bakaponto crown moves in the same direction as the trictor.


When Clive Rettawe Raring published One Trick Pony Cooked in Too Many Sauces, his succulent exposé of the Public Relations industry presented as a series of recipes, the spin doctors were not amused. Not to mention the unwitting animal rights activists who demanded a re-instatement of capital punishment for such a crime. Unable to maintain their detached coolness, the PR hacks attacked mercilessly, providing plenty of free publicity. The book sold well, partly because it offered sensational meals like smelmymoni or hypocrite’s tongue, and partly because it exposed an unhealthy web of tapeworms permeating the power structure of semi-democratic societies. Appropriately, all recipes use aciluce – a spacebloom – in lieu of the pony. Try justificator, a dessert. First the standard beginning, the pony. Abox 1kg of crumbled solpans, bebox 5 squirtlets of faux horse meat paste, cebox 1 stink-o-pellet; unimbler crr+po. Out comes a steaming coil of soft sausage. Now, the sauce. Abox 1kg sugar cubes, bebox 10g Vasarelyum; unimbler crr+ju. Pour over the sausage. Serve with a barely detectable smirk.