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Why isn't updated more often?
You must understand that as a charter member of the Slow Food Movement, the Antiblog League and Citizens for Conversion of the Interstate Highway System to Bikepaths, I am not exatcly genetically predisposed to churning out 24/7 updates. Besides the spacebloom website was meant as an internet oasis, a once in a month stop on your travels through the frenzy of the internet desert (or if you prefer the internet jungle). Having said that I am feverishly considering posting more often, monthly, or even, in a fit of delirium! weekly.

Isn't the inventor of mouse Douglas Engelbart rather than Bart Engelbart as claimed in the recipe section of elpae (page 53)?
You are right. Douglas Engelbart is the inventor of the mouse. We are not, however, entirely sure why Awk Ro, the editor of Spacebloom, insists on Bart Engelbart. The name switch could have been caused by the wormlette 2EryR2Erite released by Maria Goodwill (a hacker collective) at the close of 2127. 2EryR2Erite attacked common repositories of human history, swapping names and dates. Although most of the damage was restored it is possible that some misinformation was not corrected. Unfortunately, due to the two different timespaces we are dealing here with, it is not possible to verify our hypothesis.
Our apology to Douglas Engelbart for not clarifying this issue in the (2004 Earth edition) of Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora.

The timeline section claims that in October 2261 Red Sox win their first World Series since 1918. That's ridiculous, the Red Sox beat the Yankees in 2004?
Sorry about that, the entry should have read: "October 2261 - Red Sox win their first World Series since 2018. Probability theories updated." By the way their home town in 2261 is Tianjin.

What is a spacebloom?
Spacebloom is an autonomous, self-propelling and self-propagating cosmic plant.

Who makes spaceblooms?
Spaceblooms are designed by humans. The initial batch is manufactured and released in different parts of the universe. Afterwards, if all goes well, spaceblooms will reproduce themselves just as normal plants would.

Who designed the first spacebloom?
Cormathy, the first spacebloom, was designed by Matoni Wulffi and his sister Veronika. Cormathy was released on 21 March 2244.

Why can't I see all the spaceblooms? Why are some icons in the catalog section gray?
Eventually all the spaceblooms that are included in the book will be posted on the website. There is no definitive timeline at this point.

Who is this book for?
Any bright (60 W or better) light bulb. Some people might qualify as well.

Is the book funny?
No, this is a serious scientific tome. It is, however, written in a clear concise language that is understandable to few. For the rest of us the guide is well illustrated with crisp photographs that reveal each spacebloom at its best. Anyone who can look at a juicy oofka and not salivate is not human. Test yourself.

Who should not buy this book?
Under no circumstances should fans of Red Sox buy this book. No circumstances whatsoever. Keep your dream alive, stay away.
Most publishers dream of everyone buying their books. And while we cannot ban people from buying our hot Spacebloom guide we do wish that anyone who goes to war on false promises stays away. Future will be better without you.

Where can I buy Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora?
You can buy Spacebloom online from or Printed Matter. The later also sells Spacebloom at its bookstore in New York City.

Can I preview Spacebloom?
Yes. A limited preview is available here. If you want to see more, please let us know.

When I ask a question, who is going to answer?
The answerer of course. I was brought up to be proactive so I will expand on my perfectly valid answer, preventing your directing wrath at us and keeping this within one paragraph. Most of the time the answerer is going to be me. Me is I, Martin, the chief mouse operator of Etculli Publishing. I am perfectly capable of giving complicated answers to simple questions, which is why I have this job. Sometimes when I am in hurry I might give a simple answer, but do not bet on it. Life is complex. If a butterfly can cause a storm over North America then surely my wrong or incomplete answer may lead to another meltdown at Three Mile Island.
Occasionally we are able to re-establish connection with 2268 Moon domain and may be able to pass our readers' questions to Awk Ro, the editor of Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora, and even to one of the spacebloom designers. When that happens we will let you know who the answer came from. Get ready, compose and send your questions.