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6 January 2009
New desktop pictures posted to the download page.

7 September 2008
After going 13 months without an update it seems appropriate that our latest addition is an answer to a very timely question: "Why isn't updated more often?" Find out on the Q+A page.

10 August 2007
Two new additions to the spacebloom catalog: ainring and wirbylet.

9 September 2006
New spacebloom, fruurberry, added to the catalog. This is a very popular spacebloom as its berries are used to make Meriberi. This triple, cold-boiled drink is created by fusing fruurberries with fluutmad berribons. Be sure to follow the precise mixing ratio 100:25, otherwise you will end up with a sugary slush. The ratio was discovered by Running Cloud and his team in 2257 while searching for Yumsun, the edible 550 SPF sunscreen frequently mentioned in the Satosei Tales. A mistake during a lab test resulted in an unusually flavoured liquid. Ten years later, the sunscreen idea is still a solar myth, while Meriberi is a true legend.

1 September 2006
Kjuip is the latest spacebloom added to the catalog. If you spot a kjuip, collect it and make your very first kjuipinni (see the recipe section). It has been said that any mathematician who tasted kjuipinni should never go hungry. Although not confirmed, it is believed that this, at least on the theoretical level, is possible. The social critic Yin Young Yoo postulated that this is not limited to mathematicians but applies to anyone who appreciates the concept of infinity. Go figure.

16 August 2006
Aciluce's crunchy BB wafers are in constant motion. A delightful - and nutritious - breakfast for everyone as long as you avoid the impostor strain released by Healthy Baby Food Corporation. For more info see aciluce's entry on defence + hazards.

4 August 2006
Not even a severe case of depressed time shear will stop us from publishing. Despite enormous technical challenges - midsummer dream it was not - we managed to squeeze rulitoon's information through the folds of time. Aciluce and kjuip data is currently being massaged; tired electrons floating through very special mudbaths. Enjoy your info responsibly.

2 February 2006
Always ahead of our time The Complete Review reviews Spacebloom. Pour yourself a glass of crantwoberry juice then read the firstĀ terrestrial review of Spacebloom.

14 January 2006
Osikstria is now online. It's name comes from "o", "six", "tri" (three). 063 is 360 read backward. 360 is the number of rays that emanate from the central coroot, one for each degree.
Next update: rulitoon.

8 January 2006
Good news for all spacebloom researchers living on the Plain of Bohemia! Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora is available for sale at Fraktaly, a bookstore located on Betlemske namesti 5a/169 in Prague. Contact: 22 22 21 86 or email.
Descriptions and images of osikstria and rulitoon are coming online soon. The full moon of January 14 is providing us with a clear connection to the future, allowing for extra fast data transfer.

9 August 2005
Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora is now available at Printed Matter Inc. in New York City. Purchase the book -- which can be previewed here -- from their website or in their bookstore on 535 West 22nd Street.

29 July 2005
Effervix munix apta lotomo dot not cocomo. Ezby tentu halze mentromin awerty minut eno yadi haper mito, stbbtw344esaksss, notim/sblomuni{fix}. Esperse ad onu mixfix etheetthe zeronull... Consuming too much of monfa unirfa is not how two should spend their summer.

3 April 2005
The Q+A section provides a clarification on who invented the mouse along with a not too rosy outlook for the Red Sox after the year 2018.

21 March 2005
Spring is here and with it an updated catalog section. Eliledan. Some will enjoy its cynmiklic sweetness and some will seek elildean for its wide-interest library created by an elegance miner, Effin Martix, with a bit of help from Essentences algorithm. We would love to communicate with Effin Matrix as we are dying to know more about its way of finding elegance. Right now all of our capabilities are focused on finding an open channel, one that would allow us to learn what else, beside Dekalog and Ladro di Bambini, made it into Effin's library. Stay tuned. Patience is not a virtue, it does pay off though.

1 March 2005
It turns out the starving cloud of fuzzy micro dustballs was negatively charged by some unspecified forces created during the 2004 US presidential election. The day before the Election Day the key reading of lidenyhype was at 655 buros! The lidenyhype has come down to 121 recently (still too high for our comfort) and our connection finally appears to be stable. We are taking advantage of this situation and quickly updating the catalog section with four new spaceblooms: hagopini, orfzic, triiku and xixaxia. Thank you for being patient. More updates will follow shortly.

24 November 2004
Recent updates were sucked away by a starving cloud made of fuzzy micro dustballs that is currently sitting uncomfortably close to our one and only connection to the Moon 2267 timespace. We are diligently working on creating a stronger signal that will escape the incredible forces of this annoying cloud. Please stay tuned. We will be shde43002 #94253 351253%@152 grre gr $2@! dbdrg eza zvzsa

21 September 2004
Kubiko, a quadriclover-shaped spacebloom, is the latest addition to the ever-growing catalog section. Check out the recipe for Karl Quiklego's seetotrin witch sandwich.

21 July 2004
Catalog section updated with maileus, which might soon become the first extinct spacebloom.

9 July 2004
Wired News discovers spaceblooms. Make yourself a small helping of icorango cax then read the article.

8 July 2004
New download added. Zippinia desktop picture comes in a variety of sizes including one for Apple's newest 30" Cinema display with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

21 June 2004
Ifyagon, the latest addition to the catalog, features oziquks, sugar-coated balls of condensed uncertainties. They make great candy which is very popular with experimental physicists.
If you live in Seattle get a copy of Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Flora from the Peter Miller Bookstore on 1930 1st Avenue.

28 May 2004
CBC Radio 3 finds spaceblooms (look for them under the table of contents). Flash required.
Download section updated. Five new desktop pictures featuring ifyagon, kjuip, maileus and trifor added.

21 May 2004
Newclear jet propels doogmints solarwide to areas affected by man-made disasters, where this pollution-hungry spacebloom converts problematicles into apiflazminger. Read on, doogmint is the latest addition to the catalog section.
Also updated: Questions+Answers section and the book section. You can now order Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora from, or get it from one of the Vancouver area bookstores. Seattle bookstores are coming in July.

14 April 2004
Nigok (also known as redmonstrule) was added to the catalog section. Last time I talked to Awk Ro, the editor of Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora, he mentioned that nigoks and kogins are becoming quite popular now that everyone knows how to make Lipdrool, an ultracool drink with floating pretensioned sour grapes. Lipdrool is quite popular in high schools on the wrong side of the Moon. One sip and you will know why. Indeed, why?
If the conditions are right I will be talking with Awk during the next full moon night. If you have questions for Awk send them in before 4 May.

30 March 2004
Finally! -- the pre-eminent source on space agriculture -- is up. Way up and way ahead in the future people eat crispy wafers that just a minute ago were part of an ad hoc telecommunication network (see thoerhul) or sip zippy zip, a drink made from a unique spacebloom of erratic intentions (see zippinia). Although you will not be able to taste any of these inventions for some time (give it another 250 years) you can savor them now through the most delicate sense: your mind. will be updated regularly. Come back often, read about spaceblooms, download a desktop picture, ask a question. And tell everyone whose life depends on the future.

Spacebloom is also a book. A beautiful hand-crafted artifact. All right it is hard to see why something that was printed on a 10,000 imprints-per-hour press should be called hand-crafted. But it is beautiful. In a relative way. See for yourself.

It is also unique. The only book in the whole space-time universe that carries ISBN 0-9730222-0-5 number. There is nothing relative about that.