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Elegant spacebloom consisting of three autonomous modules, each one – if separated – capable of growing back into a full ainring. Important source of neuveri telium.


The elongated body is divided into three modules: zimpod, koslun and pugnal. The zimpod is the shiny aquamarine capsule; its needle tail houses the newclear jet. It is ringed with nine purple phazeol-shaped seedlets and two purple toruses. The middle module, the koslun, consists of a triangular honeycomb solpan and two sets of three arced beams connecting the solpan to the zimpod and pugnal modules. The pugnal consists of a phazeol coroot and a mast that supports 42 bensules, arranged in two intertwined spirals. Bensules are mature when they turn silver white.

habitat + formations

Widely distributed throughout deep space including cynmiklae. Flymation: isosen string and hexagon rings. Flomation: polabi and xilandbri.


Bensules are edible only after they turn silver white. The bensules are hard-shelled fruit, their cores filled with softuns floated in FE14, the legendary synthetic biliquid that can be either a fruit juice or a hydraulic fluid. The shells, rich with neuveri telium, are capable of emitting sustained streams of vibrating microscopic droplets when stimulated with water vapours; they are popular with the sexbyproxy and spa industries. Finabnuerium, an immunizer against brain micro-shaking that can occur in strong magnetic fields, may be extracted from the coroot. The seedlets and toruses are edible; the zimpod is not.

omin dataset

Earwoodel (purple toruses)

defence + hazards

Extremely strong, redundant implementation of emke/railog toolkit. Ainring runs Nefutin based on feedback from 256 RFRS-type detectors located throughout its structure. Emke defence includes bouncebaks and slipaya shield. These can be fatal, especially in formations. Crooks and evildoers, be careful, check your profile via *WIBATH before approaching or risk coming down with a severe case of splatting fever coupled with monotonicose.


When Veroli Stentung accidentally stumbled upon waiting-to-be-discovered properties of neuveri telium, he may have understood that brain surgery would never be the same, but he certainly did not envision the colossal im-pact of his findings on food sciences. Neither did Catile Barandai when she realized, after eating a cromin soup followed by honey-roasted bensules unimblered in a malfunctioning unit, that the miscooked meal activated the omin datasets. Giddy from the experience, she found out from the unimbler log how the bensules were turned into a colourless paste of saturated neuveri telium. She instantly posted the recipe for sensigoo – a proper name for the taste-free mush – on Yummi. Eight years later, there are thousands of omin datasets (up slightly from the 24 in 2259) and millions of humans consuming an expanding variety of cromin soups, eager for the sensigoo to follow. To make four servings: abox 1kg bensules, bebox 50g Krushé honeygons and 15g ahasmiks; unimbler cb+se. Remember, make no decisions until the omin dataset wears off. Best as dinner. Don’t forget a toast to mistakes.