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A simple and extremely hardy pioneer, cormathy was the first spacebloom ever released. Its coroot releases a ponderosa pine forest fragrance, an underrated pleasure.


Cormathy is made up of three coaxial groups: a sprocketed coroot, a multi-unit solpan and enaelry twinsticks. The coroot consists of a clear lensentil, capsules and translucent teal insets. The capsules are clear during the blooming phase and red when mature. The insets work in tandem with the lensentil as a matter collector. Each sprocket carries a grey solpan attached via a popinout joint. Pairs of red and blue twinsticks, connected to the coroot through a radial tubular joint, are positioned between each sprocket. Most cormathys have 18 sprockets and 14 capsules, other combinations are 21/7, 12/12, 9/7 and 6/18. The number of sprockets determines the number of solpan units, insets and twinsticks.

habitat + formations

Mostly deep space. Large numbers in Linterraix and Nukrishnia oxrioas. No major formations; cormathy is predominantly a lone rider.


Completely edible. The twinsticks are alseco type; charged ones can be used as betteries. Discharged ones make a great snack; alternatively heat them until they turn into a soft golden green spread. The sprocket coroot contains Finnish heti, an evasive volatile used as an air-based booster for people having trouble meeting deadlines when working on intellectual property (side effects include skin irritation). The tiny holes in the sprocket release the ponderosa fragrance in oxrioas. At 1,221°C, the translucent teal insets sublimate into an accentuator of the present time, the nowon gas, a proven cure for daydreaming. Ever since Sen Asleta received a gift of a lantern made from a cormathy in Slowly Apart, a substantial number of cormathys have been converted into a myriad of lamps.

defence + hazards

Extensive suite of electromagnetic defences, including bouncebak bubbles. The intense emag warpzones may reset, disable or even destroy unshielded robots. Nefutin checks for the presence of infinite goodwill before disabling the shields. *AMTEY command is unrecognized.


The exquisite alcoholic juice yqofq [waikyufku] may be made only once a year on the anniversary of cormathy’s release. Abox 7 capsules, bebox 1L fruurberry juice roplet, and cebox 3 hotpellets; unimbler co99. Serve warm or chilled with Merlot ice glow bubblets.

Aficionados of self-leavening breads must taste the subtlety of ceminwoxe. Abox 1kg of cut twinsticks, bebox 1 squirtlet of benbin; unimbler co2. Recommended with cerise clownfire spread or liquid perpetuy.

The Cimrmann Dual Meal AX12, one of the few entrées that can be shared by humans and robots, is a somewhat austere dish: a small price to pay for bonding with your friends. To make the CDM AX12, better known as the sticks, choose cormathy with energy level around 50%. Send *STSEDF to reveal the charged cells. Abox 4 alseco twinsticks cut into charged and not charged halves, bebox 4 solpans, cebox 10 capsules and all the teal insets; unimbler jc+a12. Serve red sticks with hexa dumplings to robots and green sticks with goldrice to humans. Makes 2+2 servings.