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While mostly found in deep space, when eliledan enters cynmiklae, its coroot briefly changes its taste from bitter to sweet. Also known as mimkers drem.


A dark purple-red globular coroot, called cherriple, is enclosed in a translucent blue shell, a sphere with eight bulbous protrudings, filled with a mixture of cherry orchard smelcules and air. The bulbous bubbles protruding from the shell are called vitties and are aligned with an equal number of nipple-like, crimson-tinted seedules on the cherriple. The shell is made from a bacteria-polished quad rubiklas; the cherriple is made completely from the soft uzzyfibin carbodryn. The shell's emag mesh repels the cherriple, keeping it in the centre of the shell.

habitat + formations

Primarily light-filled deep space. However, eliledan must enter cynmiklae in order to propagate. Flymation: spraycone and ga-chain. Flomation: diformae, auha-sard and rohappi. Eliledan is not available under Kitiki Licence.


Fully edible. The cherriple's composition and taste depends on the environment. In deep space, it is dry and mildly bitter, similar to raw broccoli. In cynmiklae, it is sweet and succulent with a hint of blackberry melon. To remove the shell, gently squeeze all eight vitties at the same time. In deep space, the shell may be full of pure oxygen. To draw it out, send *TXTT, a small ballino valve will be created in one of the vitties.


Wide-interest library put together by an elegance miner, Effin Martix, using Essentences algorithm. The library, created by skipsifting thousands of databases, focuses on movies, fiction, non-fiction and music created between 1970 and 2020.

defence + hazards

Blablets-specific chemical defence. The kemi system of plume painting lasers (PPL) is only activated when blablets' presence is detected. Eliledan's poor implementation of risk assessment data sometimes results in its mistaking of humans for the bothersome blablets. Although the PPL-induced earache is harmless, and should pass within three hours, it is annoying. To prevent PPL activation, clean your skafander regularly and scent it generously with Pentamawa.


After everything is experienced, one realizes that simple joys imprint the strongest memories. Avelezin, a delicious vegetable soup, may be one of those delights. Abox 1L of diced deep space cherriple, bebox crumbled shell; unimbler ed3. Serve with grated cabbo-saimo and fresh parsley.

The cynmiklic cherriple should not be wasted by cooking, although there are a few exceptions. Most of them are the work of the genius pastry chef Bima Kabalac of the Klakson Tearoom. His all-time favourite is the wormed tibuket balls. Abox 1kg of cynmiklae cherriples including the seedules, bebox 0.5 kg almond pekkamouk, cebox 75g baker's ahasmiks; unimbler klax+21. Remove the purplish dough and put aside while you prepare plum-lemon hotpellets. Abox 0.25 kg lemon sand, bebox 0.5 kg pit-free plums; unimbler klax+22. Remove the hotpellets. Divide the dough into five chunks and roll each one into a ball. Abox 1 ball, bebox 6 hotpellets; unimbler hotp. Repeat with the rest. Fill the hollow cavity with ice cream. Dust with cocoa and serve.