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Sapid and rapid. Elpae is the fastest digital bioprocessor yet is full of flavour. Its antenna tips hide self-adjusting sweet nothings, desired by half of the population everywhere.


A concentric bloom made from a tri-layered ring of gold capsules, called capeas. The outer layer capeas support a circular array of Y-shaped antenna. The mid-layer capeas carry another Y fork with two grey-silver striped capsules called drufidles. Each drufidle extends into a second-tier Y fork that carries another set of capsules called pofidles. Each capea contains a single PU. There are 96 PUs, together rated at six yotaflops. The drufidles house auxiliary units, and pofidles contain bettery and molecule storage. There are two circular solpan arrays, each made from 32 panels stretched between the antennas.

habitat + formations

Deep space, cynmiklae (optimal for computing) and oxrioa (best for farming). Flymation: chimney worm. Flomation: diformae. Widely licensed flomations for computing: tunnelring and Okanagan Cluster.


Only capeas, drufidles and pofidles are edible. The capeas have a lamberrybarb taste (potato taste in the otherwise identical elpae spud), while the merunpiple drufidles contain reformatted skuzzi flavorules used in ropono beverages. The pofidles contain plum corerules, excellent for spirit and marmalade making. To access the sweet nothings, dissolve 10 mL of ground antenna tips in a water squirtlet and gargle virulently shortly before using. Data processing is via *TNG.


Problem solving. Noteworthy sections on Serial and Parallel Task Distribution, Social, Cultural and Economic Barriers, Tunnel Visions, and Problem Topography. The Structure and Manufacture section contains many step-by-step explanations on how to create and personalize problems.

defence + hazards

Triple fence of defences. Elpae is one of only four spaceblooms with all three defence toolkits. The railogs can be turned off when extra processing power is needed for complex tasks. However, the emag defence is always on when the elpae runs any offbloom computing.


If you come across the elpae spud, you must try the mashed potatoes. The smooth yellow paste used to be a favourite side dish. You may wonder why. Abox the capeas, bebox a squirtlet of sinmilko; unimbler el678. For a hint of golden crisp onions, abox 20 capeas, bebox 25g ahasmiks, 15g hopa and cebox 3 lecibulin tablets; unimbler el211. Serve with retro-styled sausages.

Losing at ping-pong? Try baking bartengl, an obscure recipe that is said to improve hand-to-eye coordination. Separate the three gold capea rings, dissolve the connecting bridges in salted water. Drain and mix the gold capeas with echolli, pulverize and let stand for 10 minutes. Add 1L cremola roplet, 25g ahasmiks and 0.5 L fruit juice roplet (grape or pear works best). Cut into pieces that fit into the palm of your hand and roll into small loaves. The artist in you can sculpt a mouse in honour of Bart Engelbart, a 20th-century inventor of the long-forgotten input device, after whom this delight was named. Bake for 20 minutes at 333C. Enjoy with fresh herbal butter or centrifudged honeygons.