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An ever-spinning, sunlight loving spacebloom, fruurberry always searches for light for it will not survive more than two hours of darkness. Source of fine historic fragrances.


An orange solpan stretched inside a circular frame that supports 36 radially mounted arms. Each arm has 3 beams containing 12 red berries unevenly distributed. The middle beam has one teardrop-shaped berry; the outward beams have groups of seven and four. Juice from the berries is stored in the solpan; it can be collected through a mikli connector in the solpan’s centre. The fully synchronized arms are connected to the frame via a popinout ball joint. The solpan is divided into independent quadrants, each with a hexcell bettery in its centre.

habitat + formations

Direct sunlight deep space and cynmiklae. Avoids large shadowy areas and dark fog cynmiklic clouds. Flymation: spraycone. Flomation: polabi and diformae. Farming flomations limited to beye fields.


The solpan and the berries are edible. If you pick the berries (*FBoff), they will grow back. Fruurberry juice, also known as fruuby, is prized for its warming properties and its ability to significantly speed up decision making. Ideal morning drink for vacillators. The berries themselves contain ucaruma and swirelmeofium, a refined stirrant. Dissolving a crushed, baked solpan in an antuei solution produces Therixool, a full 128 squirt multiChannel fragrance. Channel 61 carries the cologne Yuri Gagarin wore on 12 April 1961; Channel 69 has Neil Armstrong’s eau de toilette from 16 July 1969. The rest of the fruurberry can be unfurled into metamorfiled titanium nanotape.

omin dataset

Frozen (middle beam fruurberries)

defence + hazards

Aquamarine solpan indicates an internal reorganization that occurs after 50 juice-producing cycles. During this time, the berries are full of vilstalin poison and are bouncebak shielded. However, fruurberry’s emke defence is easily disabled, often serving as learning grounds for would-be krukers. Vilstalin poison treatment is long and painful; victims often never recover fully.


Meriberi is a triple, cold-boiled drink made by extravortical fusion of fruurberries with fluutmad berribons. Despite frequent claims, often found on packaged liquor, noting the necessity of centuries of experience and family secrets, meriberi is a snap to make and if you use fresh supplies, the quality of your homebrew will be better than anything you can jetpak-order. Abox five 1L water roplets, bebox 100 fruurberries and cebox 25 berribons; unimbler at+me (at+meX setting produces a non-alcoholic version). Remove and vaqpack the ice brick. Let it melt slowly at room temperature. Store meriberi – should the need ever arise – in a dark and cool area.

The perfect companion for meriberi may be found in fruurberry dumplings. Abox 1 kg of elpae spud capeas, bebox 100g egamisrep; unimbler fr52. Roll the dough into a medium thick layer, cut out 10-cm circles, wrap several fruurberries inside and roll around to create perfect balls. Drop into boiling water; remove when the dumplings rise to the top. Snow with sugar and grated hard coteese. Sprinkle with melted butter droplets.