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An ever-shifting unruly bundle of strings and balls, iacapi has an infinite number of shapes and controversial dormant meat flavorules. Also known as Hersty lernitmere.


Most of the time iacapi resembles what one naturalist calls a can of worms, and another unhappy and mentally disturbed quarks. Iacapi is a simple design capable of complex shapes. It includes a variable number of pearl white balls enclosed in a thin shell of elastikleer, joined by tubular hoses called snak-nells. The super flexible snaknells are constructed from emassu microsets (emsets) and are coloured in shades of blue and orange, the colour indicates emsets tension density. The surface of the snaknells is covered with etep solpan. Iacapi is either a closed loop or an open string. To deploy its emagsail, the iacapi unfurls into a perfect circle with the balls acting as anductors.

habitat + formations

Deep space only. Inexplicably and irreversibly, iacapi toasts itself on entry to cynmiklae and burns on entry to hucosphere. Flymation: iacapis unfurl into rings to form a chimney worm or straighten into open strings to form a pnaniti longstring. Flomation: medusa wiggle cloud.


Fully edible. Raw or cooked, iacapi is an excellent source of nutrition. Besides its controversial dormant beef flavorules, the iacapi contains the whole spectrum of vitamins and hollow fibre. It also supplies crotozeoplin and gloglonitrates, both used extensively by Earths entertainment industry to improve athletes anaerobic stamina. Crotozeoplin lotion is also used to stabilize burn victims of white worm attacks.


The Notyet Eofile Library of Modern Hosatoro and Auawex Languages. Includes tutorials, code libraries, dictionaries, compilers and a relevant library of downloadable images for t-shirts and coffee cups.

defence + hazards

No defence system; however, care needs to be taken when picking iacapis so that one does not get trapped and entangled. You should avoid entering iacapi fields without a backup. Iacapis speed up significantly in direct sunlight. The best time to pick them is in the shadows, at dusk or at dawn.


The inclusion of beef flavorules landed the Treotri broth-ers in a big controversy. It did not matter that the beef flavorules were dormant and wrapped in carbon capsules (the ideologue never pays attention to the details or to the needs of others, he merely needs to validate his own views). Luckily, reason won. Celebrate by trying the roastbeef, not the over septic meat cube in Eviliv3s line of fropiofood, but the fully recomposed slices of juicy and tender beef floating in succulent tomato-flavoured sauce. Iacapi roastbeef is one-button unimbler cooking at its best; no need to worry about molecular data management or the curse of your in-laws. Abox a whole iacapi and unimbler ia74. Serve with roasted potatoes.

Vegetarians should try Rai Paxis zapikopes avec xaxa bobkisouce. Abox 0.5 kg of the white balls, bebox 1kg of snaknells, cebox 10 g ahasmiks and 12 triikuberries; unimbler rp+zaxa. Serves four.

And for dessert, try the zispilgutfru cake. Abox a whole iacapi, bebox a stick of bakelpe; unimbler ia21. Sprinkle generously with sumi crystals.