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A universe-wide favourite of floral artists, ifyagon is also a source of energy. Robots can often be seen rubbing against the alseco cone.


A hexagonal shape consisting of six solpan segments wedged around a snowflake frame that supports redimia, a crown, on one side and an enaelry silo on the other side. The redimia consists of 12 twinned petals and six extendable antennas. Two streams, each consisting of 15 oziquks, chase each other through petal ringlets. The enaelry is enclosed in a clear, conical, alseco-enabled case. The newclear apparatus, bettery and molecule storage are all housed in the purple enaelry silo. The dark side of the solpan is coated with bacteria-polished rybinatium and serves as a gamma ray sponge. The predominantly orange side functions as a regular light solpan.

habitat + formations

Preferably sunlight-filled deep space. Large colony of ground-adapted ifyagons can be found in Piglet's Bay in Mare Ingenii. Flymation: vertebrae train. Flomation: polyla fields and diformae.


The snowflake frame, the cone and the silo containing the newclear apparatus are not edible. The snowflakes, made from fibrutus are popular as faux hardwood floors. Solpans are edible wafers of xismere, an ancient Pentamorous-polished entwinmer (the Lamenta drycake is mostly ifyagon wafers). The 12 petal ringlets, popular in salads, contain smelcules of future pain as imagined by the artist Aiem Konkinout. The tips of the antennas, used as tea sweetener, contain hyced strings of random wisdom. The oziquks, sugar-coated balls of condensed uncertainties, make good candy (especially popular with experimental physicists). They also contain anibryp, a non-addictive concon hallucinogen.

defence + hazards

No defence. The cone becomes quite brittle when taken indoors. Take extra care when the ifyagon is used in dry floral arrangements, or, better yet, remove the cone altogether. Send *RMCN, or heat, then slowly twist and pull until the cone slides off.


The recent popularity of extremely long-distance space sailing spawned an array of new compact, lightweight, yet energy-rich, foods. Not satisfied with the food he ate during the 2254 Ryeklebas race, Ferda Peeat created his own line of food. Perhaps most successful is nototo, tiny perforated balls that enlarge as they react with the stomach environment, creating the feeling of being full while flooding the body with raw energy. Simply abox some solpan hexagocells and unimbler fp+noa for almond-tasting nototos or unimbler fp+nos for soyanut-pinglet ones. Find more recipes in Ferda Peeat's Sailor's Panacea.
Antifyppa was concocted as a hair conditioner. However, a rapidly declining market, a direct result of the immoral and highly destructive hair-removing Toulosse Tyrosi (T2) trojan horse, forced antifyppa's redesign. It is now sold as a nocturnal liquor for the newly polished. Abox 1L water roplet, bebox one stream of 15 oziquks and the antenna droplets, cebox 1kg of hexagocells; unimbler if126. Stock up! The T2 epidemic is not expected to peak for another 10 years.