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As a tasty spacebloom, inkigo lends itself to a rainbow variety of fresh salads. It is also a pretty flower with a great aroma and healing properties.


Three green lattice-textured, oval-shaped cylinders arranged equiangularly around a shiny, dark green coroot. Each cylinder has a ring of 16 tricoloured trispheri seedlets, which are attached via inner (incipitria) and outer (outcipitria) cabling. The cabling is riveted to the cylinders through a tiny morello. In about 1/5 of all inkigos, the seedlets and cabling are orange and the morellos are dark red. Inkigos skin texture and core composition depend on location; regular intervals of darkness and lightness produce a cucumber core, while other conditions result in a qucomak core.

habitat + formations

Deep space, hucospheres around rotating oxrioas, including oxrioas proper. Flymation: vertebrae train. Flomation: polyla fields and Okurkovitch cluster.


Completely edible, with the exception of the shiny co-root. The cylinders consist of a varitoble core, protected by a polyply skin. The cucumber core is a favourite of kapa-maki lovers. The qucomak core is sought by reformatted chocoholics. The sweet chewable trispheri seedlets contain perpetozoftamin used to treat severe headaches and media overdoses. The red morello is the primary source of tiktikon, an easily inhaled, time-keeping substance that interfaces directly with the brain. In case your area does not support many inkigos, consider leaving trispheri seedlets behind to facilitate their propagation.


Onbloom library of all fiction and popular science written by extraterrestrial authors between 2250 and 2259. A second library is dedicated to the subject of illusionettes or ISRC (Illusionary Seemingly Real Companions). Their ultimate predecessors, the marionettes, and their successors, the solidoettes, are also covered in detail. The library contains the largest known archive of illusionette characters compiled by IfialliV.

defence + hazards

Emke shielded with close range shock fields until trispheri berries are mature.


When Pinzlabs Corporation figured out how to make Midolgen, a common sense suppressant, soluble in 2198, the effectiveness of hype instantly skyrocketed. Midolgen was hard to identify quickly and effectively because its molecular signature is similar to that of complex neosugars. Fortunately, an antidote was found before life collapsed into the singularity of a mbius coupon for 50% off on anything you do not need. Artiblentin is now present in many foods and drinks to ensure the majority of population is protected. Most of the time, Artiblentins taste is neutralized; however, few recipes take advantage of its hydrolemic sparkle. One meal that features Artiblentins taste instead of hiding it is akefikk. The recipe skilfully twists Artiblentins nanohooks around inkigos taste molecules in a myriad of unimaginable ways, delivering, de-pending on your worldview, a blast or a symphony of taste. Abox a peeled inkigo cylinder, bebox 20g ahasmiks and cebox 2 squirtlets of concentrated lemola (contains Artiblentin); unimbler in677. Remove, sprinkle with edelen, allow to cool. Cut into squares. Best with Emitla brandy.