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A deceptively simple shape that refuses to solidify in human memory. Kjuip is the fruit of a spacebloom that has never been seen and is believed to exist outside visible light.


A purple-blue ring that appears to be made of two tapes, but is in fact a single twisted tape floating inside a gofigure8 Möebius flatstring. The twisted tape (senfeligi) hovers inside an emag field created by the flatstring (serpentumi). A tiny red sphere, cerka, regulates serpentumi’s vibrations and colour. The senfeligi is coated with an etep solpan that provides power for kjuip’s emagsail, since this spacebloom, although already partly in infinity, still needs to travel somewhere (known as the kjuip paradox).

habitat + formations

Deep space and oxrioas. Extensive radio mapping confirmed that all kjuips enter the visible band of spectrum in tychopuffs’ hot or cold worm microfields (but never in tepid ones). Flymation: chimney worm. Flomation: diformae. Secoli is not known, although it may be more than 32,198 (the largest kjuip formation on record seen off Linterraix in December 2266).


Completely edible. The senfeligi has a high content of terrybaumin and is used to make robotic pet energy sticks. Serpentumi is a source of ponderium. The cerka contains amplutractusin, which, if taken regularly, helps with visualizing really large spaces and extremely complex problems such as RPPL. This explains why Blutacherita is popular among astronomers as well as gastronomers. Kjuip is used as a diadem by the Senshinkoku and should not be consumed in any form within their territory.

omin dataset

Brief Crossing M (serpentumi)


Three onbloom libraries dedicated to aircraft, inter-urban corridors and puzzle solving. Includes a current list of all puzzles not yet solved by artificial intelligence.

defence + hazards

No defences. Approfix before picking, inadvertent contact between senfeligi and serpentumi triggers kjuip’s self-destructing mechanism. Some people can hypnotize themselves by following the one-sided senfeligi with their eyes while believing it must be two sided. Humans with modified DNA are particularly susceptible.


Kjuipinni is a simple intuitive dish. Remove the cerka, submerge the kjuip in 1 L cold water, bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes, and you have a ready-to-eat delicious pasta with tomato-basil sauce. Note: flash steaming and other boiling substitutes are acceptable; however, the true connoisseur always eats kjuipinni water-boiled! The unimaginable dimensions of sorrow, which undoubtedly reach further than infinity itself, are reflected in the gloomily unforgettable flavour of broothula, a thick sauce concocted by an unknown culinary dilettante. It was recently re-discovered by Adalbert Zerostone, the unacknowledged master of kjuip cuisine. Abox a crushed kjuip, bebox a red onion and a grated nipilko, cebox 0.2 kg glumets and 2 squirts of 3PerPlex krapiquark gelatin; unimbler no1+br. Serve with hairy potato flatcakes. Lazy evenings call for blutacherita. Nutty, fruity and single, this scotch-inspired alt liquor will make you trance. Crush frozen kjuip, add two 1L cold-boiled mowa roplets. Age for 45 days in a cask. Filter then mix in 15 g honeygons. Let stand for a week. No rapidazers! And share.