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A perennial favourite at floral shows, admired for its perfect shape and unique scent. Hunted in the Earth-Moon vicinity for its library content.


A rule-structured, perfectly symmetrical cluster of red curantloopz and blue or purple pilkos. Six nipilkos are equiangularly distributed around the singular ichipilko, koule-koulis coroot. Each nipilko acts as a root for an identical group, each made of five aquamarine, semi-transparent sanpilkos, that in turn act as an anchor for another set of five transparent bubbles, each housing a small plum called shipilko. The magenta shipilko holds together a cluster of five red curantloopz, or gopilkos. As each class of pilkos decreases by half in size, its amount of neosugars doubles. Ichipilko and nipilkos are coated with etep solpan. Ichipilko also houses bettery, molecular storage and renosei.

habitat + formations

Deep space, cynmiklae and oxrioas. Almost wiped out around Earth and Moon by Joint Space Command. Flymation: isosen string. Flomation: auhasard and diformae. Farmers often use ringotubus flomation to collect juice and Kostkyho grid to harvest the red curantloopz.


Completely edible. Ichipilko must be prepared by a certified chef. Gopilkos are a sweet fruit, when dried they may be used as a replacement for honeygons. The transparent shipilko contains berkybunt, a waking super stimulant. The blue sanpilko bubble contains fizmies. The striped core is an excellent source of ditoskoonsi, a powerful anti-despair drug. The sour-sweet nipilkos have high ferrobrull content. Ichipilkos perfect sphere is often used in monster ball bearings or as a source of polyunifarium, a substance that prevents the forked tongue syndrome, a condition that often attacks power-seeking organisms.


Apolitical Science and Real Economics.

defence + hazards

None. An unfortunate combination of ichipilkos reflective properties and nipilkos magnetic pull might result in fixing ones gaze at his or her own reflection indefinitely. The only solution known is to shield the victims eyes and approfix the koulekouli via *APIX.


The sadness of ideological brutality may be tasted in monfa unirfa, a bitter sauce best left to connoisseurs of feelings and scholars not interested in rewriting history. Abox 1 grated nipilko, bebox 5 sanpilkos without the cores; unimbler ko9. Serve with red meat, potatoes and chabbagne. Not recommended for people already suffering from depression.

Better make gojobalo, a fruity tasting vegetable pt. You will need all shipilkos and sanpilkos from one koulekouli and approximately 1/3 of the gopilkos, 50 g ahasmiks, 20 g zipper spice, 0.2 kg of joycoa jugulant and a fistful of luck. Due to unpredictable globucular oscillations, which develop while sanpilkos and shipilkos are fusing, gojobalo occasionally turns out as a gob of red sticky goo. Useful for restraining your intractable aibo, but nothing else! Abox two 1L water roplets, bebox shipilkos and cebox sanpilkos; unimbler ko391. Remove. If not sticky, generously sprinkle with ahasmiks and abox again. Bebox all gopilkos and cebox the zipper spice and the jugulant; unimbler ko392. Serve with a glass of 2224 Laika Moonsin.