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A deep space faring workhorse. Unassuming and selfless, kubiko is the only spacebloom capable of carrying seedlets of other spaceblooms to distant regions.


Quadriclover-shaped frame with four matrigon solpans. The frame consists of four twinned arches joined by two perpendicular beams. A clear coroot assembly of up to 64 polybulin loculi is cubicled around the beams. The retro-styled solpans revolve between the frame. One seedlet is suspended in each loculus filled with liquid surien, its colour (either red, yellow or blue) has no bearing on the type of seedlet. At least 50% of the seedlets turn out to be kubikos, the rest can bloom into any seedlet-propagated spacebloom. The solpans are multi-layered with the inner layers holding the library, betteries and molecule storage. The eight oval tips that join the two sides of each arch serve as emagsail anductors. Around 67% of the kubiko population is green, the rest is blue.

habitat + formations

Primarily deep space. Flymation: vertebrae train. Flomation: polabi and polyla fields.


Blue kubikos are dedicated to seedlet transport. They are permanently laced with coiled maqusiks and, therefore, are inedible. Green kubikos are completely edible. The seedlets have a nutty taste but may be easily flavoured; their shells contain dormant fruit flavorules. Polybulin loculi and liquid surien can be turned into hotpellets or spicy honeycomb. When crushed, the anductors release a mild fragrance reminiscent of Gmarda Gardens in Mare Copernicus.


Kubiko has a library filled with classical music, selected by San Ikasdo, and paintings (mostly abstract and surreal), chosen by Aivwa Tekky.

defence + hazards

Blue kubikos are fully emke protected at all times. Green kubikos are protected only if carrying non-kubiko seedlets. Both types have an identical emke defence, which consists of several RFRSs and railog software Begorel. Under limited conditions, kubiko's emagsail can reset unshielded pacemakers at close range.


When Carl Quiklego made an emergency landing on Tropoea during the Ryeklebas Single-Handed Race and found nothing but colonies of kubikos, he did not fall into despair. Instead, Carl put his energy into creating a different kubiko dish every day. When rescued six months later, he had enough original recipes to fill a cookbook. The best were published in Kubikokuk Yummi, which won the Paige Turner Prize in the Adventure and Far Out Cooking category last year. After discovering that the inner layer of kubiko's solpan is made from interlocking wheat and hemp pentamers, Carl created a crunchy sandwich and called it, rather mysteriously, the seetotrin witch. Separate one of the solpans, remove the axle and delayer. Remove the middle layer, cut in loaf-sized slices. Heatlick the soft shelled seedlets, add the anductors and mix until smooth. Spread on the slice of the middle solpan layer, cover with another one and abox; unimbler cq+18 for a crispy sandwich with a creamy vegetable curry filling; or unimbler cq+31 for a toasted sandwich with a crispy slice of faux Indian candy.