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The rarest spacebloom. Source of the 8\0 fragrance. The only declining spacebloom, maileus is actively pursuing remote places. Also known as Ogre's Toothbrush.


An elongated tubular body, called the unicat, with two identical antennas attached at each end. Each navy charcoal antenna consists of a matchstick mast, housing an asinetric asdar, and a vetvep solpan. The solpan comprises 3 equiangular groups of 10 beams. The opposing mast is offset by 60°. The unicat has a red streak lined with 29 tubblis. Each tubbli extends from a ridge which separates two adjoining grooves, imprinted with detectors and connectors, covered by pristine jellyglass.

habitat + formations

More than 95% of maileuses exist in deep space. Flymation: isosen string. Flomation: auhasard and diformae. The main axis of a solitary floating maileus is always radial to the Sun.


Maileus is the only source capable of producing the sought after fragrance 8\0, which assists the brain in recalling desired childhood moments at such an intensity that the person who inhales it cannot distinguish whether the moment is reality or recollection. The experience lasts up to 40 minutes, has no side effects and can be repeated indefinitely (8\0 is classified as an agent of mass distraction in many regions; in Linterraix, it is classified as a weapon of mass destruction). A precise sequence of five steps must be followed to release the password-protected fragrance. Maileus itself is fully edible with the exception of the matchstick heads. The unicat core contains akomesthin, a key element in matter pulverizers. The tubbli carries several types of metal-polishing bacteria.

defence + hazards

Emke/railog protected. Released to goodwill bearers only. Despite its classification and the difficulty in obtaining the 8\0, maileus is sought actively by salespeople, founders of fledgling religions of all kinds, and fools of various shades. These folks often assemble around newly discovered locations and, intoxicated with their visions of power, forget the law and the courtesies of space travel, creating hazardous situations.


Hopefully most users of this guide are spiritual descendants of those who did not inspire the poet T. S. Eliot to write, "Mankind cannot bear much reality," and will prefer a good meal over an ecstatic, some say overrated, whiff from the past. Or perhaps you would not mind reaffirming the sweetness of your first kiss. Or remembering that school trip moment, when -- after jumping off the 10-m platform headfirst -- you climbed out of the pool without realizing your swimsuit was missing. Still, no matter what, you cannot crack the password needed to release the 8\0. Do not despair! Try the latest unimbler meal instead: the puevigi arcmyzia, maileus veggie balls in retro envelope glue sauce. Abox 1kg of the soft green unicat core, bebox the red tubblis and cebox a mixture of 35 g ahasmiks and 0.15 kg of bakelpe; unimbler ad+pa. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce: dissolve 6 squirtlets of jo-glue in 0.5 L water, then add a vaplet or two of emet bitters, and run the sauce through a boil. Remove the neon green substance from the unimbler and shape into 16 tubes. Serve with wild mushroom rice or couscous.