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Redmonstrule, as nigok is known among children, is the most important source of rogoripen, a key ingredient in the common cold cure. A matchbloom with kogin.


Three crimson arms, called spunpins, extend from a pinkish triangular coroot. Each spunpin, consisting of a drumstik stem and a ring of five striped lorbelas, is attached to a movable coroot tip. Two konicons at opposing sides of the coroot can link the nigok with any konicon-equipped spacebloom. Currently only nigok and kogin are outfitted with a konicon interface.

habitat + formations

Light-filled deep space, hucospheres and oxrioas. A solitary nigok is rarely seen, most often it is semi- permanently joined with either an odd number of nigoks (nigok-masa) or any number of nigoks and kogins (konigigo-madi). Flymation: vertebrae train and lo-noodle. Flomation: diformae and polyla fields (formation info is given for kogin-masas and konigigo-madis, solitary kogins cannot arrange themselves into formations).


Only spunpins are edible. Their cores are made of a tomato-flavoured roplet mesh that can be easily squeezed out. The spunpins' skin is constructed from raw, untagged apiflazminger and contains rogoripen, a medicine used to treat nauseatic illnesses and to manufacture Colgone, a common cold cure. The plasticky and bitter lorbelas are mostly used in the fabrication of wearable pharmaceuticals. Exdekava, a molecular dust remover, can be unimbler extracted from the pink konicon ballcap. Nigok-masas produce sour fruitentil juice. A konigigo-madi composed of four nigoks and two kogins produces Lipdrool, an ultracool drink with pretensioned sour grapes, currently popular in high schools on the wrong side of the Moon.

omin dataset

Frigus (lorbelas)


Bubble-Balley Collection. Indigenous art created during the first 100 years of continuous life on Moon. Includes text, audio, video, virtuo and sculpture.

defence + hazards

Fully emke protected, including twin layered bouncebaks. Send *AMTEY to disable. Nigoks may start spinning at any time and know no bounds in imitating thai-box kicks.


The most bizarre episode of celestial cooking must have been Cologne Madashel's attempt to create Alfredo Chicken Drumsticks out of nigoks. Costing the sanity of several employees, the project burned through so many unimblers (!) and piles of cash that it brought the marketing diva into financial and spiritual bankruptcy. Those who prefer the spacebloom's natural taste should try nigok tibiruls. Squeeze out spunpins to fill a 1L jug with tomato juice, sprinkle with ahasmiks, add 10 mL oloil. Mix and abox. Bebox 1 spunpin and unimbler ni4. Remove and spread on 12 thin zoomula (or orfzic) plantutos, roll them up and heatlick. Serve in a deep dish filled with vinola sauce. Best with cold lemon corroded chammier. The lorbela's flavour is not appealing to humans. Robots, however, love the lorbela derived masa-dlo, a therapeutic paste for their joints. To make a gift for your friends, abox 15 lorbelas, optionally bebox a suitable fragrance squirtlet (unsaturated extract of Citroen LHM is all the rage these days or try the discreet Rusty Milk for those above the fray); unimbler ni637. Store in the handy rehop.