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Oofka may be hard to find, but any difficulties locating this spacebloom will be quickly forgotten when the first berry melts in your mouth.


Eight berryrods stem equiangularly from a reddish coroot. Half of the berryrods support seven perpendicular triradixes, the other half support only five. Each triradix supports three berries. Altogether the oofka has 144 berries. The young berry is transparent with its fuchsia kernel clearly visible. As it matures, the berry turns opaque blue. Occasionally the berries turn red, a sign the oofka is contaminated by the vilstalin poison. Oofka has no solpan. Its energy is supplied by the newclear apparatus in the coroot. The long rods are tipped with an easyBerry rapid release; the short rods end with newclear jets. Pressing any one of the releases will discharge all berries at once! To avoid losing them, enclose oofka beforehand.

habitat + formations

Although not plentiful, oofka may be found in any environment. Flymation: vertebrae train. Flomation: diformae and medja snowflake.


Only blue opaque berries are edible. They contain the powerful behavioural relaxants mymin and tramagesin. The skeleton will grow another batch of berries if left in the field; alternatively the avak-gini protomat may be extracted from the triradixes and the berryrods.

omin dataset

Cold Inferno or Green Greed (red berries; cromin soups made from oofka must be prepared by an expert)


Hidden Connections, conceptual landscapes created by artificial intelligence personality Abretus, from art made between 10000 BC and present.

defence + hazards

Send *SPN() to slow down fast-spinning oofkas. To temporarily disable the rather strong emke defence, send *AMTEY. However, be aware that blue oofkas will perform an undisclosed scan of your mind before executing the command. Child and pet abusers will be taken for a spin between twin bouncebaks, then rejected. Under no circumstance should the red berries be eaten since the vilstalin causes a permanent cloudiness of mind.


Is there a better way to relax after working hard than enjoying the rainbow taste of ufkamaze, the undisputed king of pies? Some may disagree, wary of the pie's flavour - so good that its consumption will result in clinical addiction in one out of five! People with desk jobs, blue eyes, elevated egos and flat feet are most at risk; and while addiction may be successfully treated, it is time intensive. Collect all berries from one oofka. Clean and separate into three identical piles. Dip one pile in pellitela, making sure each berry is completely covered. Allow the berries to dry, then abox; unimbler oo3. Take the circular base out and, while it is hot, fill the 48 dimples with berries from the second pile. Allow to cool. Meanwhile, mix the remaining berries, 1 negg and a 1 L sinmilko roplet until smooth. Add osikstrias king ferrules and 0.1 kg ahasmiks. Mix for five more minutes. Let stand. Once small bubbles start appearing on the surface, pour into the circular base, filling it to the brim. Abox and unimbler oo4. Makes five servings. Take a chance, manage the risk. You can evaluate your predisposition to ufkamaze addiction via *AUR before harvesting.