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An orderly aggregate of taste-free cuboids ready to absorb any flavour you may have a craving for. This versatile bloom is also a speaker, bed spring and insomniac's best friend.


A symmetrical spacebloom, the orfzic consists of eight blooms, called kubulas, each connected to a coroot via a small rubyred phazeol. The blue-horned coroot, made of silken nanopelleted titanium, has eight blue glass domes set in its sides. The domes turn opaque red when filled with liquid oxygen, an occasional by-product of orfzic's internal processes. Each kubula is composed of a cyan cuboid, called orf, and seven petals. Each petal consists of an orange cuboid, called orfin. Each orfin anchors seven smaller blue cuboids, called orfinits. The cuboids are made of absorbing multiplyer servins of different density, which is inversely related to their size: the orf is the least dense, the orfinit is the most dense.

habitat + formations

Deep space around cynmiklae. Flymation: lo-noodle. Flomation: diformae and polyla fields.


Only the kubulas and the rubyred phazeols are edible. The kubulas are free of taste; however, they will readily absorb the flavour, smell and colour of other substances. The phazeol, apart from holding several flavours that can be released in a unimbler, contains a sysmolgo colony. Bacteria from the sysmolgo family (Infraschizomycetes) are used to clean and repair soft tissues; they also dispose of unwanted money. Orfzic is also the only spacebloom capable of amplifying sound. A cluster flomation of as few as three orfzics can create a full spectrum of ambient sound. For more information on this aspect of orfzic usage, contact the local ITAIA Society or consult Orfzic Networks by Bakispetr Reysonido.

omin dataset

Awesome (rubyred phazeol)


MusicaOrganica, a large audio library of vocal and instrumental music compiled by Svetlana Aciffi-Burke.

defence + hazards

No defences. Red-domed orfzic can be collected and stored only by registered entities. Farmers' fields may be protected with offbloom bouncebaks.


Voted Best Food Ingredient for the Obsessed three years in a row by The Journal of Marginalized Extraordinarities, orfzic will absorb many flavorules and smelcules. Fetish lovers already salivating over plans for a steak that has the taste of their object of desire should slow down. Orfzic will only absorb flavorules through the unimbler. Ever tried beboxing your neighbour? Didn't think so. Still, many unusual flavorules are available through speciality stores. Abox orfzic blooms, bebox flavorules of your lustfulness and unimbler or71 to make chami dumplings with your desired taste. Join your local fetish collective to learn more elaborate recipes and to access alt flavorule libraries.

It may seem like there is no authentic, great tasting orfzic dish, but, thanks to Cara Ema Suarez and her delicious orfzic plantuto, there is. Abox 8 rubyred phazeols, bebox all orfs; unimbler cs+op. Cut and flatten the dough that comes out into 8 pieces. Spray a pan with oloil and fry until reddish gold. Serve the plantutos with white hane-poot grape juice. If desired, spread with ajvar; sweet tooths will prefer honeygons with sesame seeds.