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A fine wedding hat as well as a delicious main course, osikstria is really a listening device that searches the universe for melodies. The first spacebloom with a library.


A circular arrangement of 360 rays emanating from a central basket wire coroot. The anductor-tipped rays are divided into two equal groups: the main one consists of straight blue spokes bonded to the smaller of the two rings positioned around the coroot; the other group is made of purple, slightly curved rays bonded to the larger purple ring. The two rings are joined by 36 bars. Eighteen blue spokes extend inward to support the basket coroot. Each spoke is joined to the coroot by a white ovoid. The coroot is crowned with 36 red ferrules. Two solpans sit in the middle of the coroot. A special type of osikstria called osikstrid – identifiable by its white ferrules – acts as an index and archive for collected melodies.

habitat + formations

Rarely, if ever, seen outside deep space. Flymation: vertebrae train. Flomation: diformae.


Osikstria is completely edible, the osikstrid is not. The rays and the basket wire coroot can be split into 24 strands of superstrong carbonmesh hose. The ovoids can be roasted and ground into xehirt, a fine herbal powder used to flavour spirits. The red king ferrules contain poppy seeds. The two solpans are usually spun into notifibre. Before picking osikstria, you should send *AMTEY command to allow for a transfer of any unique sound to an osikstrid. Although the contents of the audio library may still be downloaded from the osikstria base meal, it is not true that osiksoliphka consumption will improve singing or extend voice range.


Each osikstria contains only melodies it has collected on its own. The complete audio library is only available from osikstrids. The tunes are identified and catalogued by Harker, a melody searching program.

defence + hazards

No defence for osikstrias. Triple fence for osikstrids, including quadrilayered bouncebaks. All osikstrids are laced thoroughly with madonaldium spektrualis, which renders them inedible.


Sirsat deseta, a Nantupian delicacy, was one of the first meals created by Cobyso, a program written by Mysch Pedro and Lanira Puleen. Cobyso creates unimbler protocols for spaceblooms, in which available flavorules are distributed according to a particular melody. Each protocol is then evaluated for human and robotic consumption. Most do not pass either test and are discarded; but, once in a while, a gem emerges. Abox osikstria spokes and two 1L water roplets, bebox 72 fruurberries, cebox 4 sheets of the bittersweet kartosyr cheese and osikstria’s red ferrules; unimbler sd. Choose Revenge of the Flowers as source, set quality to best and resolution to nanoclip. Listen to the music as sung by a 20th-century French siren while the contents of all three unimbler boxes are transformed, mixed, and fused in lockstep with the harmony of the song. When the music stops, remove and serve immediately with the urgency of spring sun. Savour its exquisite taste of ”a thousand kisses by hungry flowers” in total silence. A sip of slow-chilled gifkoole will reveal the ƒIP address of one’s deepest desires.