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A spacebloom with a bad haircut. Four weird hairy blooms hiding the only known spacebloom parasite: the froadeeler is a major strain on rulitoon’s power system.


Four wirebrush blooms at the end of four red stems that extend from a pyramidal pink coroot. The stems have four to five lorbelas at their base. Each bloom consists of a red perible covered with a transparent greyish lens, called osko, and five rings of yellow and orange loops called miriles. Made from a thin hollow fibhose, the mirile is a continuous loop that passes through tiny anchors that protrude from the perible. Each mirile anchor also supports a froadeeler, a tiny never-flowering pinkish bulb. An expected remedial *TNG broadcast (June 2268) should give rulitoons the ability to purge all froadeelers.

habitat + formations

Deep space. Known to implode on entry to hucospheres and explode on contact with atmosphere. Flymation: ga-chain. Flomation: auhasard, diformae and polyla fields. Excellent ground adaptability on soft terrain. The rulitoons that form large fields on Moon have lost their ability to fly.


Fully edible with the exception of the perible cavity stem apparatus, lorbelas and the froadeelers. The coroot, prized for its arimarin flavour, is used in seafood sauces and soups. The lorbelas, plasticky and bitter, are mostly used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and robocandy. The main stem is milled into semolinex. The parasitical froadeelers provide one useful service. They contain vozinore, a highly volatile substance, used in perfumes for middle-aged canines and felines.

omin dataset

XB2X (miriles)


Rulitoon’s onbloom audio library is being continuously degraded beyond usability by froadeelers’ aural graffiti.

defence + hazards

No defences. Exercise caution when bringing a rulitoon inside hucosphere or oxrioa. You must either put it into a sealed box (if releasing inside oxrioa, increase oxygen content slowly over several days) or disable rulitoon’s sensors by sending *SNSoff. This will result in non-reversible shutdown of all systems, after which the rulitoon will keep fresh for three days.


Anyone can make spaghetti out of a rulitoon, the recipe is widely known, so the determination and energy spent on chasing a rulitoon should be rewarded with something much better: atkyr doro stuffule. One bite will dissolve sorrows of time warped, of all recurring ifs and what ifs, while delivering an explosion of flavourful minerals, all wrapped in one tasty daisycutter. Each bloom makes one serving. Remove and flashsteam miriles. Let cool, then roll into 4 balls and put aside. Meanwhile, remove froadeelers but not the anchors. Unfortunately this needs to be done manually, one by one. Cut off the stem between the bloom and the lorbela ring. Pop off the osko. Remove the centre apparatus out of the perible’s cavity. Stuff the mirile ball in and replace the osko. Spray with oloil then sprinkle with ahasmiks and crushed pepper. Wipe the sweat off your brow and let an oven take over. Broil for 12 minutes at 243°C. Serve with bokchoy, horned melon sauce and a glass of Merlot. Alternatively, try baked marinara with particle-smashed garlic sauce and ice-roplet-chilled morkkian.