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Named after a poetic form, triiku will delight all with its aroma, vibrant taste and memory-recovering properties. The scope of triiku's poetry library is unmatched across our space-time.


The triiku is made of a dome shell and a variable number of berryrods (always even, between 6 and 24). The purple-rimmed dome shell, coated with an etep solpan on the outside and lined with a special mirror-and-ribs solpan on the inside, is affixed to a light purple inset torus, the keerouz. The very inside of the dome shell is lined with a gamma-ray absorbing, midnight purple, nanohose fleece. Each berryrod, attached to the keerouz via a two-joint telescopic beam, consists of an accordioba, a number of white berries (2-24) separated by short dividers and a tip. When mature, the berries turn yellow (koolis), orange (baipaia) or red (iasnitun). The keerouz also supports 26 klefseeds pivoted to its inner edge. Klefseeds vary in colour from red to white. The number of rods and berries is text-driven by one of the triiku poems stored in the onbloom library.

habitat + formations

Widely distributed in deep space. Large farmers' fields in oxrioas. Flymation: vertebrae train and isosen string. Flomation: diformae.


Only mature berries and dividers are edible. The triiku uses Variliq ballast to compensate for its uneven berry distribution. Before picking berries, pull the rods together, spin triiku around to force the sour tasting Variliq back into the keerouz, then quickly break off the rods at the accordioba. Leave the triiku in the field to regenerate. The koolis berry is slightly sour, the baipaia and iasnitun are sweet. All contain kansi, a clarifying agent. Koolis is a major source of driasgobin, a heat-regulated moisture goblin-ga. The dividers are crunchy bits full of geawno that may be turned into a programmable repellent.


The library contains over six million poems in 158 languages accessible via Petaglot or Unzik interface.

defence + hazards

None. Do remember that the berries are not edible when white. In case of Variliq consumption, drink a cup of triiku teafea as soon as possible.


The juiciness and mild aroma of fresh triikuberries will bring back memories thought to be long forgotten. It is no accident that white worm victims are often on a triiku diet. Still, what would a cold winter evening be without freshly baked triikuberry pie? Boil 1 kg berries and 6 honeygons in 0.25 L water for 5 minutes. Add 50 mL arhumba and a sprinkle of baker's ahasmiks. Stir, cover and let cool down. Meanwhile line a pan with a thin layer of bakelpe. Spread the filling evenly. Bake for 24 minutes at 291°C. Serve with vanilla krumkrum ice cream and Bekerkiker. The delicious and energy-loaded spread marmolada is popular with Earth rock climbers for its sweat-reducing capability. Put exactly 67 baipaias and 33 iasnituns into a mixer, add two droplets of dulce yum-yumi and a squirtlet of squeaky xokribons. Blend until smooth and blue. Best on a fresh sourdough bun. Vaqpak and it will last a year. Excellent teafea can also be made from triikuberries. Crush dried berries, dissolve in boiling water or milk, let cool, and serve in split honeygon buckyballs. Three to five berries per cup.