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A cornerstone of Fortreno’s economy for almost two decades, wirbylet proved that spaceblooms were a viable form of agriculture. Source of carbohydrates and drotonimes.


A tubular solpan surrounded by a seemingly chaotic maze of green beams and capsules (yellow, ivory, green or orange). In fact, each wirbylet is made from a variable number of layers (4-21), called zoors, stacked around the tubular solpan. Each zoor is a text-driven shape subtracted from a circular matrix of 36 dark green radial beams, an odd number of concentricles (3, 5 or 7) and auxiliary beams. Tiny capsules, cruzpuntinos, sit at every beam and concentricle intersection. Secondary solpans form between particular ray beams and concentricles. The coroot consists of the main tubular solpan suspended between two yellow and green checkered caprings (sometimes just green). Each capring is kept in place by a set of three arms that extend from the outer zoor. The coroot houses the emagsail anductors and the emke defence.

habitat + formations

Light-starved deep space, cynmiklae and hucosphere. Flymation: chimney worm. Flomation: auhasard and polabi.


All parts except the caprings are edible. The cruz-puntinos are snapoffs. The yellow and green ones contain the drotonim ponderamplio. The ivory ones carry the ambivalentin Dayinait, a deepbitter core coated with sugared chi-chi, used to treat malevolent individuals. The rare orange cruzpuntino is filled with trumpeteer’s nectar. The ray beams, concentricles, inter-beams and arms are rich in carbohydrates, folic acid and barphenium. The main solpan is tasteless and usually shredded and spun into notifibre or impostorplets. The secondary solpans contain nuschmack flavorules used in baking, cooking and liquor making.

omin dataset

Tuscany (yellow cruzpuntinos)

defence + hazards

Simple emke bouncebaks and deflon shields. Can be turned off via *AMTEY, except when in chimney worm flymation. A chimney worm’s strong emag sail easily resets brain addons.


Apart from the tasty, but uninspiring, schpenat wirbilini (abox 1 desolpaned zoor per person; unimbler wi1), not much can be done with this spacebloom. As one of the early designs, it lacks many of the advanced intermo-lecular tools essential to creative unimbler cooking. However, if you don’t mind wasting much of the spacebloom (or save the unused portion for brikabrak mitkogin), make the magical tuscany cromin soup. Abox 1 squirtlet of crucabataci paste, bebox 1 L water roplet and cebox 100 yellow cruzpuntinos; unimbler cr+tu. Top with croutons and marjoram. To experience the walk to a Tuscany hilltop on a warm autumn evening, you must activate the omin dataset by eating sensigoo within an hour. The matchless taste and carefully orchestrated molecular structure of the rare ettecobin has helped many to visualize the presumably impossible or to clarify fleeting fragments of revolutionary thoughts. The complexity of the ettecobin is only matched by the simplicity of its recipe. Dissolve 999 orange cruzpuntinos in 1 L of blutacherita. Let stand for 14 days at room temperature. Drink in small sips.