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Freaky Scottish sea horse look-alike with the movement of a Manta ray. Xixaxia is highly prized for its flavorules, not to mention its solpans, a favourite of quilt makers.


An ever-flexing spacebloom composed of four red satin suflets, each clasped to one corner of xixaxia’s square solpan. The alseco solpan has two layers, blue and purple, each made of 144 illumi-halo cells. Each suflet, made from soft bellowsells, has three trumpet-shaped pinokio tubes. Each telescopic tube widens into a cupule, plugged with a white pearl, that acts as a flavorule dispenser and inter-xixaxia connector.

habitat + formations

Shadowed areas of deep space, nogated hucospheres and oxrioas. Flymation: lo-noodle and vertebrae train. Flomation: diformae and histrufis.


All parts are edible. Source of 116 fragrances, including the ever-popular trio of moonsunisut, fleurulle and lavender. The solpans may be joined together to make a quilt; the cells remain programmable, which allows for custom patterns and colourization as well as heat regulation. The pinokio tubes contain poxorom coronae, a passive identifier of active and dormant plans for mental violence that works in biological as well as mechanical systems.


Xixaxia has two libraries: one on the subject of simulacra topology (including the mental map of Paolia Monsanimi’s brain at the time of her discovery of Ultimate otherness), the other on the science of optics. It includes the jovially mischievous video Secret Knowledge, still a relevant example of how the obvious can remain unseen, hidden behind a facade of regurgitated opinions made by self-appointed experts.

defence + hazards

Standard emke defence. Due to its ever- flexing solpan, the xixaxia can be difficult to arrest. Thanks to periodic viral attacks -- there is substantial evidence they are the handiwork of Kenogud Freekilai’s minions -- the *OSC request often does not work. In which case, you will need to find a slow-flexing xixaxia and four hands to squeeze the suflets at the same time, which will bring the solpan to a temporary stop.


Besides variations on xonetoph, xixaxia’s base meal, there are no dishes that can be made from this fragrance and spice-dedicated spacebloom. Spigo, scuzi, ziggzon, fleurulle and barikano tongue are just a few cooking fragrances produced by the xixaxia. To extract any fragrance, remember that the xixaxia emits only one fragrance at a time through the cupules, and the fragrance type is controlled via *TNG. Now, roll a small piece of Bindtome! or No Personality Molecular Sponge to form a ball. Attach over the cupule, send the *gOLFL request and gently start pressing the bellowsells to expel the fragrance. Once the sponge is saturated, it automatically peels off. Most fragrances will last two years if stored in an air-tight container.

The latest and hottest pet product, seline, a fragrance for female hounds (with an advertising budget rumoured to be around 20 million B$), is nothing more than a mixture of three xixaxia fragrances suspended in alcohol. Whatever purpose you need it for, save a bundle. Suspend 15 mL ziggzon, 9.35 mL goadlik and 5.75 mL bubli-noof dech in 0.25L of 5% alcohol. Add 0.1 L vozinore. Shake and spray.