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A unique spacebloom of erratic intentions, none of which are known. A favourite of kids and neophyte magicians universe- wide, zippinia can transform itself into a tasty blurango.


Between 12 and 21 orange orbizips spinning in a seemingly chaotic arrangement around an invisible nuEra core. The orbizips, covered with organic light-emitting diodes, leave blue glow paths of variable duration (0.25 to 2 sec.) in their wake. When brought into an oxrioa, tensions between orbizips surface and water vapours trigger a reverse carving process that transforms the zippinia into a smaller blue ball called zippirin rango, also known as blurango. One look at a blurango against light will reveal the orbizips, now substantially smaller and conveniently parked in the centre. When released in deep space, orbizips will gradually form a new zippinia. Recent surveys indicate zippinias are diminishing in many hucospheres for no particular reason; it is advisable to release orbizips back into the environment whenever possible. Orbizips are also accepted at all Recycling Centres.

habitat + formations

Predominantly light-filled deep space and hucospheres. Flymation: ga-chain. Flomation: diformae.


Zippinia is not edible until it transforms into the blurango. The sweet-tasting, juicy fruit is completely edible, including the semi-translucent blue skin and orbizips. Blurangos fresh juice has maagwind-eliminating properties. Ferverigo, an anti-hypothermic agent, and smook-abu, a corrosion remover and wire conditioner popular among the roboterati, can be unimbler extracted from blurangos skin.

omin dataset

Brief Crossing F (orbizips)

defence + hazards

No defences. Transportation of more than 20 zippinias without a licence is prohibited due to the cumulative effects of their nuEra cores. Do not attempt to touch zippinias proper or while the transformation to blurango is underway. To move zippinias into your basket, use *GOGO. Releasing large quantities of zippinias in an enclosed space will result in a severe drop in humidity and may totally dehydrate nearby living organisms within seconds.


There is no better way to enjoy the blurango than to climb a mountain and eat the succulent fruit at the summit. Those who frown on physical activities may have to settle for zippirin zoomcakes. Abox 2 unpeeled blurangos, bebox 1 medium unsweetened hopa HA7 microcromb; unimbler zi31. Serve with puffed honey balls and a cup of the ultimate tea, Astronaut Black.

Expecting your favourite champagne socialists? Surprise them with your own bubbly. For each litre of zippy zip, abox 2 peeled, diced blurangos without the orbizips, bebox 3 redrex polysponges and a 0.25 L water roplet, and cebox no more than 1 vaplet of red oofka firewater; unimbler bb+zz. Remove and cool to 5C. For that extra touch of centuries gone by, serve with imitation caviar while Fox Perspikus recites from The Best of Karl Marx in the background.

Hot and sunny weekend? Icorango cax to the rescue! Flash freeze peeled blurangos, add plain cream, crush and spin. Stir in a touch of blumasosa. Serve with nunuts and creamed inverted ananabs.